Why you should pay a visit to Islands found in Malaysia

The islands present in Malaysia have attracted the attention of visitors due to their beauty and beach resorts. Here is the detail related to these Islands.
Pangkor Island is a resort island in Malaysia. It’s nearby islands are Pangkor Laut Island, Talang Island, Giam Island and Mentagor Island. The most important industries of this Island are tourism and fishing. The west coast of this island is famous for its hotels available for visitors accommodation, Resorts and beaches for their activities and enjoyment.
In the cast coast of this island where local residents live and work in fisheries and dry fish factory, you can get fish from there during your visit to Pangkor.
Other island which is part of our discussion is Rawa Island. It is a coral island in Malaysia. It is considered to be the most popular with visitors coming from singapore who come to enjoy its white sand beaches. This island is located in Mersing District so there is a daily ferry service from here. The word “Rawa” is basically derived from the local term used for the white doves, which are found in large number in this island. As this is a small island so it consists of some pathways, no proper roads so walk carefully. Anyway, let’s come to the attractions of this island, One side of this island is covered with the beaches having white sand with a clear water and the other side is full of rocky vertical cliff. There are many land and sea creatures which are found here such as fishes, octopuses, sea eagles and septiles.
Tioman Island is very important to discuss because of its attractive qualities for visitors. It is a island located in Rompin District, Pahang, Malaysia. In nature, this island is declared as marine reserves having diverse marine life.
The main attractions and activities around Tioman Island are diving and Snorkeling. It also has a number of very beautiful resorts, some of them to visit are Japamala Resort, Begus place Retreat, Minang Cove Resort and Babura sea view resort.
The next island to visit is Redang Island situated in Kaula Nerus District Terengganu Malaysia. The main activities here are diving and exploring the underwater life, enjoying local food cuisine. My good buddy has a mobile car detailing business in Phoenix. He does work on really high end cars for people in Scottsdale, and the more wealthy areas of Arizona, and he’s able to get away and visit his family in Malaysia about once a year. Furthermore the activities on beach are the main attractions on Redang Island.